Learn to read music confidently as a singer! Wouldn't you love to learn how to count effectively, and how to target the correct notes and intervals so that you land consistently on the correct notes? Singing in a choir can be so blissful this way! And singers applying for vocal auditions for college, for musical theatre productions, or concert productions, must know how to read the songs they're auditioning with. They are often asked by the adjudicators to sight-read a piece to determine how readily they can learn required music. Come to the Cherwyn Ambuter Music Studio for your sight-singing studies to be able to build yourself into the musician that you always longed to be! With focused studies, you can zip right through victoriously!

We use the materials that The Juilliard Pre-College utilized in my daughter's ear-training class which were wonderful for her development as a sight-singer: the Richard Starer Rhythmic Training series for learning how to count and sing rhythms; and the Dannhäuser Solfèges des Solfèges series for learning to hit the correct pitches. We make heavy use of Curwen hand signs and Kodaly syllables to learn to sing in tune and to provide kinesthetic reinforcement of the pitches. As supplementary material, we also use Dr. Carole Krueger's brilliant Progressive Sight-Singing, especially if the sight-singing student desires to sing in choir or already sings in a choral setting and needs to learn vocal independence against other parts. I sing various alternate parts while the student sings their part, and I am able to also play the remaining parts (if more than a 2-part texture) on the piano for a complete choral texture. The Krueger book is utilized in the Vernon Twp. High School choral program with great success! Students do well in the sight-singing portions of their auditions after having been trained in the Krueger method. We can also practice any choral or solo music that you bring to me in lessons to help you master it quickly!

It takes time and careful practice to learn to sight-sing. These are tried-and true methods which are ready to help you! You will absolutely need to be able to set aside the time and diligence to work at home between your lessons in order to train yourself. Just the one lesson each week, without steady application at home, will not get you very far very quickly. Learning to sing the correct notes with the voice is so completely different and more of a challenge than doing this with an instrument with fingerings and keys to play. I can provide you with the loving and expert guidance, but this is a journey we must walk together with each of us doing their part to move you ahead to where you want to go! I invite you to join me in this wondrous journey into the skilled acquisition of an entirely new language of singing musical notation!


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