Cherwyn Ambuter is part of a very musical family which includes also a harpist (B.M. University of Michigan, earning an M.M University of Illinois), a flautist, and a clarinetist/bassoonist. All of us in the household enjoy music so much! It immerses us in beauty and creates such a special, meaningful life.


CHERWYN grew up in the mountains of Vermont, studying piano with Jeanne Tourin of The Tourin Musica, a touring early music ensemble. Cherwyn received valuable training with Jeanne in harpischord playing and reading figured bass. Cherwyn's path then took her to college at Tufts just outside of Boston, where she earned an undergrad degree in music and double-majored in French for several years before dropping the French major to earn her music teaching license. During all this intense study, she met and fell in love with her husband, Hal, whom she married a month after graduation.   :-)   Hal obtained a job with Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, where Cherwyn promptly found employment with Northern Kentucky University as their vocal dept. staff accompanist, playing for all of NKU's vocal studios and opera workshops. She was accepted on full scholarship into the UC College - Conservatory of Music (CCM) where she focused upon piano studies as well as a sub-concentration in choral conducting.

A trip to Italy had Cherwyn learning Italian beforehand. She taught her daughter Chanah to speak French from the time of her birth, so the French has stayed current. This language study assists in her vocal accompanying, particularly with opera and the great song literature.

Cherwyn has continued to lead a busy musical life, accompanying, collaborating in chamber music, teaching (public school and private school, as well as private piano and sight-singing lessons), present solo recitals, and conduct choirs. Throughout her musical life, Cherwyn has also sung and has spent a few years studying voice. Cherwyn picked up the organ when her church's organist moved away, and found a real-but-fun challenge in learning to play the pedals smoothly. Always thrilling and stimulating, never the same...She is very blessed to be living this enchanting life! Her life is tremendously enhanced by the love and support of her husband of 29 years, Hal Ambuter.


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