SIGHT-SINGING: that elusive skill that seems impossible to gain in the choral rehearsal, alone!

Do you sing, and wish you could read music with greater facility? A meta-analysis of ~90 studies indicates that strong sight-readers are not BORN, but are MADE - in other words, you can become a strong sight-reader with the proper training and diligent practice. You don't need some mystical, inner gift! Just 15 minutes a day is all it takes to rapidly grow your sight-singing skills! ( for discussion by Juilliard faculty member.)

Do this for yourself today. You can solidly develop these skills and they will provide enjoyment and confidence for a lifetime! Learning to sight-read with solfège (do, re, mi, etc.) also improves intonation (tuning) so that you add to the resonance and ringing sound of your choir, or you can sing a solo without making people wince from poor tuning issues!

Instruction provided in note- and rhythm-reading, solfège with moveable "do" and the Curwen hand signs, dictation, ear-training, multi-part singing when ready, and note-reading, as well as musical symbols commonly used in notation. Sharps, flats, and naturals, key signatures, and other concepts are covered . The interested singer can progress onward to the learning of music theory including scales and chords and how to properly tune one's own note within the chord being sung by the choir or played by the piano, as well as how to recognize what key is being sung in. Major/minor tonality and other areas of music theory can be learned. Knowing all of these aspects of the music can tremendously enhance your experience within a choir, or even just learning music on your own.

PRIVATE LESSONS are the best avenue towards rapid learning. More time can be spent on concepts that prove a challenge to the individual singer; yet, we can move right ahead when the "lightbulb" goes on quickly. This makes for individually-tailored pacing that produces the actual best value for your money and practicing time spent.

Private lessons are once per week at my home, $27.50/30-minute lesson. Longer lessons available, pro-rated fee. Daytime and evenings. Materials $25, payable in full at 1st lesson. Bring a composition book in which to write assignments, definitions, vocal warmups, etc.

Private lessons will include practice, when ready, in multi-part singing against the teacher and/or against the piano, until student is sufficiently comfortable to join additional suitably-leveled singers for joint lessons together. I'm happy to help you "drill" notes occasionally in an emergency if needed; but most of our time will be spent actually reading music. Bring your solo and choral music; we'll definitely work on learning to read your parts in the actual pieces/songs!

GROUP CLASSES are held in my home once per week, days/times TBD by class members' schedules. All prospective group class members must sign a statement that they'll typically practice several times a week and do the assignments! The class will move ahead every single week, so we must be committed to prepare. Assignments are reasonable to achieve mastery as a group. Moveable "do" system, solfège, Curwen hand signs, dictation, ear-training, scales, multi-part singing when ready. Chord structure study available for adv. students (as applied to singing). 

Because we'll likely have a mixed group of singers from many different choruses, probably we won't be able to work on your actual choral music in this format, because everyone's choral music will be different! However, practice will be offered in actual choral music pieces provided by the teacher. If extra work specifically on your choral/solo music is desired, we can set up a few private lessons, as desired, to help you with this.

(GROUP CLASSES, continued)

Beginner, intermediate, adv. levels. Must be able to carry a tune and match pitch. Placement test before first class to determine level can be done by phone using an emailed music sample. Contact me for more info! 1st session begins week of Oct. 4th. Sessions in fall, winter, spring.

6-8 people per class, 10-week sessions, $100 tuition payable in full at 1st class. Materials $25, payable in full at 1st class. Bring a composition book in which to write assignments, definitions, vocal warmups, etc.


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