Cherwyn has conducted choirs for much of her adult life. Her direction is characterized by humor, patience, musical instinct, and an understanding of how to work effectively with singers to free the voice and spirit...Her conducting style reflects passion, clarity of gesture, and attentiveness to the impulse of the music to draw forth from the singers a compelling performance. Her choirs utilize just intonation for ringing chords and focus heavily upon unified vowels for maximum choral blend and sonic impact. 


         * Zephyr Vocal Ensemble, an auditioned 16-member, primarily a cappella, professional-level singing group which Cherwyn founded in summer of 2010 and which d├ębuted in concert with an eclectic blend of genres on April 2, 2011 to a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 260. Performances, which are not conducted, utilize dance and direct eye contact with the audience to foster intimacy. Zephyr presents the finest in vocal entertainment and in the a cappella choral art in the region to our listeners! Zephyr performs throughout the northern NJ region, as well as in Rockland and Orange Counties, NY. In addition to concerts, as an a cappella group, we possess the mobility to bring our music to where the community is, singing at such events as tree-lighting ceremonies, community festivals, and other informal appearances. Zephyr is composed of highly-trained choral singers, primarily who are professional musicians. Please visit our website,, for more information and a schedule of our upcoming performances!


           (News article on Zephyr and on one of our Zephyr tenors, Mike Yannuzzi:


       *  Jefferson Township Community Chorus, a chorus serving Jefferson Twp., NJ, and surrounding towns.


              "Cherwyn, the 'Heavens at the Holidays' was a most enjoyable holiday concert filled with a variety of

              music that truly exhibited everyone in the chorus' talents. Your guidance and expertise allowed them to

              shine and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment to usher in the Christmas season. Thank you

              for all your hard work these past few months, and I look forward to the future of the Community Chorus

              with you at the helm. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!"     

                                                     ~ Carol Punturieri, president of the Jefferson Arts Committee, in a

                                                                               note the day following first concert with the chorus


                 Bill Child, longtime JTCC member, sent the following after our first rehearsal with Cherwyn as

              director: "Let me say that I think it's going to be a wonderful time working with you as our new

              director. You know so much about music, and your voice is beautiful! (Sure you don't want a dual

              position with the chorus - singer and leader?). You have so much energy and it is contagious. I was

              amazed how you had us into three songs on our first practice and they went pretty well...I just really

              think we'll all have a fantastic time singing and growing as a group. Thank you for taking the job."



        * The Senior Choir of Calvary Baptist Church, Warwick, NY, which ministers in the traditional worship service and offers special music in addition to assisting with the worship of God's people through the singing of the hymns with the congregation. Past cantatas have included a 55-minute cantata with seven dramatic speakers, two narrators, soloists and small ensembles, and choir, with accompanying DVD and congregational singing included. The emphasis is on our spiritual contributions to the service and finding God there.


               Pastor Craig Adams, concerning Cherwyn's direction: "Cherwyn's love for people and music

               helped bring the choir together. She has done amazing things with the group of people she had. She is

               gifted beyond belief in music. She understands music and music theory enough that she can explain it to

               others so that they understand.


               "She is able to challenge people to expand their capabilities and their confidence. She gets more out of

               people than they think they are capable of giving. Her gentle spirit creates a relaxed environment where

               people are free to learn better. She is able to do that and to keep order at the same time. She is willing to

               work with individuals so they are confident in what is required of them. She pours herself into everything

               she does."    ~ letter of recommendation 


         * presently serving as director of choirs and choral program at Sussex Christian School, Sussex, NJ; in process of redesigning and implementing a new fully-graded choral program which includes instruction in sight-singing, solfege, Curwen hand signs, vocal technique, and vocal independence to develop stronger singer-musicians

        * Sonlight, an extra-curricular chorus at Tufts University which sang at a variety of churches in the university's locale and was invited to sing in the university interfaith worship services and Catholic masses. 

       * the Adult Choir of Grace Evangelical Free Church in Greenhills, Ohio

        * the elementary school choirs at Marshall Hill School in West Milford, NJ, where Cherwyn taught vocal music. The choral concerts during Cherwyn's tenure there are described by her principal, Michael McCormick, in this way:

                "Mrs. Ambuter's choral concerts and school performances were exceptional. Every selection was appropriate

                 and meaningful. Students were actively involved in the performances with props, costumes, and movements.

                 Her efforts won the praise of all who enjoyed her performances. She won the respect of parents, students,

                 and her colleagues...She is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and creative music teachers with whom I

                 have had the pleasure of working."     ~ letter of recommendation


 Cherwyn is a member of the ACDA as well as Chorus America and is an active participant in ChoralNet, the worldwide online resource forum for choral directors found in every sphere of choral conducting.




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